Care Ministries


Sunday - 9AM Worship Service, 10:30AM Sunday School, Tuesday - 7pm Prayer Meeting, Wednesday - 6PM Bible Study

The Congregational Care Ministries of Antioch Baptist Church

Care for the congregation is one of major ways we demonstrate our discipleship. Jesus said, "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." (Joh 13:35 ESV) The Congregational Minstries included:

Pastoral Care Ministry

The ministry of the pastor, in terms of pastor care, provides nurture for the people of the church, for the administration of the ordinances, the attending to the sick, the burying of the dead, their counseling during crisis, (birth, death, marriage, etc.) and for ministry to the congregation's spiritual needs, as schedule permits.

Diaconate Ministry

The diaconate is a ministry of service and support. It is specifically commissioned to address primarily the spiritual needs of the membership also serve the membership in other areas as needed. Each member of the congregation is "matched" with a member fo the diaconate which serves as there primary contact. The diaconate ministry is an extension of pastoral care (Acts 6:2-4).

Associate Ministers

Associate ministers are not associate pastors or assistant pastors. They are ministers who affiliate (or associate) with our church's ministry and are considered members (upon normal application and completion of new member orientation) with all of the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of other members within the church.

In that they are clearly a "special" classification of member, they are accountable directly to the pastor (senior minister) and will receive all assignments, directions, opportunities for service and ministerial guidance from the pastor. They should never arrogate unto themselves any authority or audacity for leading, directing, teaching, assigning, creating, initiating, assuming, inviting, committing, obligating, manipulating, or alienating any person(s), group, ministry fellowship (or part thereof), within this church (or any church for that matter) without the specific direction and blessing of the pastor.