What is Antioch Everywhere?


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Antioch Everywhere

What is Antioch Everywhere?

It is the virtual membership of Antioch.

It is a virtual, yet spiritual community of believers.

What does Antioch seek to provide the Antioch Everywhere membership?

An online community of Christians without geographical boundaries

Quality virtual worship, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, evangelism, and prayer experiences

Virtual pastoral care

Updates on Antioch initiatives and events

What does Antioch expect from its Antioch Everywhere membership?

To strive to glorify God and uphold the spirit of Antioch in their perspective geographical locations

To think of us as their church family because we are

To connect with us virtually through various electronic platforms

To support the mission, vision and strategic plans of Antioch with their time, talents and treasures

To spread the word about this exciting opportunity to belong to this virtual yet spiritual community

Who can join Antioch Everywhere?

Anyone who is age 18 and older

Anyone who has a personal relationship with Jesus

Anyone that is not a member of another church

Anyone who desires to connect with us virtually

When can someone join Antioch Everywhere?


How will Antioch Everywhere communicate?

Through various technology and social media platforms

Why does Antioch Everywhere exist?

As a strategic response to the decline in physical attendance in the local church

As a strategic response to the massive number of people that utilize technology and social media platforms as a normal way of life.

As a strategic response to take the gospel message to all nations by all means

How can I become an e-member and join Antioch Everywhere?

Complete the intake form

Complete new member orientation in the Antioch Everywhere Facebook Group

Schedule an online meeting with the Pastor

Intake Form